Autoclave Controller Autoclave Controller

Autoclave Controller


  • Advanced Micro-controller based
  • Each door locked and release Indication in RED/GREEN LED.
  • System expansion with cascading.
  • Support more than 99 doors in cascading.
  • Preventing simultaneous of doors/rooms.
  • Ensures that when one door for a room is OPEN then all other doors in that particular rooms are closed.
  • Programmable delay between each door openings to maintains required pressure.
  • Emergency key is available for opening the doors.
  • Emergency& fire alarm stations.
  • Configurable door inter-locking logic with the DIP SWITCH.
  • Facility available to read feed back from magnetic lock.
  • Soft touch Membrane keypad with various fault alert buzzer.
  • Supply :
    • 90 to 260 VAC @ 50 Hz